Personalized Transportation Services

Including mobile and wheelchair Transport additionally to non-emergency medical transportation
MEDIC ONE TRANSPORT provides personalised, cost-efficient & timely personalised transportation services to the aged, inveterately unwell, and disabled populations residing underserved communities to assist in clinical compliance and faded social isolation. Transportation services are offered for any clinical appointments or medical wants. Transportation Services are provided by individuals reside among these communities to scale back overhead expenses, limit the time our purchasers pay within the vehicle and guarantee prompt arrival and safe transport.

Ambulatory Transport

If the patient will walk with support, sit upright for the period of the ride, and transfer safely in and out from the vehicle (with or without support), then our non medical transportation is the right selection for you.

Wheelchair Transport

For non-ambulatory passengers, our team of transport professionals are fully trained in helping individuals with transferring into a passenger vehicle for safe and dependable transport services. this can be a good selection for planning to and from doctor’s appointments, patient clinics, yet as non-emergency hospital visits as an patient surgery.
Doctor’s Appointment Transportation

Never miss a doctor’s appointment! With simply a call, we will prepare safe and reliable, personalised transportation for you to get you to medical appointments, we will even accompany you.

Outpatient Procedure Transportation

Most procedures need patients to require sedatives before the procedure. For patient surgeries, this suggests you wish a delegated driver to drive you home. You’ll have to be compelled to create transportation arrangements and choose who can drive you to your appointment, who are going to be your appointment companion to provide you support, and who can drive you back home.

Personal Transport Assistance

Individuals WHO don’t have any one to accompany them to the doctor are often at a true disadvantage, particularly if they’re impaired hearing, to provide quality care, doctors appreciate their vulnerable patients being attended to appointments by their caregivers or a accountable party. Our Personal Transport Assistants not solely give transportation to medical appointments, they additionally take notes and give reminders for up coming appointments.


We prefer at least 24 hours advance notice for transportation services; however please contact us for same day services which will incur additional charges.


As a precaution, we request all clients wear a face mask. All staff members wear protective equipment and face masks during patient encounters. Staff members are screened for symptoms including cough and fever daily. MEDIC ONE TRANSPORT and Community Services strongly recommends practicing social distancing and safe hygiene.